Fruit Seasons

Summer Fruit Season

Yay!  When Summer is here, so is the delicious stone fruit!!

There is nothing better than a juicy peach, nectarine or plum on a hot Summer’s day, and we now have them available fresh from the tree to you!!

We have varieties that ripen at different times throughout the season, so from mid-November through to April there is always delicious fruit available.

You will need to get in quick for awesome apricots, with these only being available for some time in December.

The harvest dates vary each summer depending on the weather, but we wait until each variety is ripe before we pick. Email us to find out what’s available now.  

Winter Fruit Season

Fresh fruit is available during winter too, and if you choose only the fruit that is in season you will not only be doing your family a flavour favour, but you will be giving them the best nutrition too.  March is when apples are ripening and Royal Gala is one of the first varieties to ripen. May is when the local and popular Pink Lady ripens.  Pink Lady is our own Western Australian variety. Pink Lady’s mother is Lady Williams and was born from a cross produced in Donnybrook.

Pears are also available from March and Bartlett pears are the first pears to come into season.  Bartlett’s are followed by Packham Pears and the crunchy Nashi Pear.

In early June, Mandarins and Oranges and some varieties of avocado are ripe and ready to pick.

You can plan your family’s fruit around the fruiting seasons to get the widest flavour range possible. By eating what is in season you get the most flavour and the most nutrition possible.  Email us to find out what’s in season now.