Workplace Delivery now available

We can also deliver our fruit straight from the tree to your workplace! 

Fresh and tasty, we guarantee our fruit will be a hit with everyone!  

Why have fruit in the workplace?

  • Fruit is a convenient, healthy food that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime
  • Offering fruit gives a great alternative to heavy, unhealthy snacks that cause drowsiness and sluggishness
  • Fruit is light and fresh, packed with nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that will keep employees content, happy, alert and focused
  • With mentally alert and energised employees, they will be more productive!

Why use Valley View Orchard for your office delivery:

  • Fruit is super fresh, in season fruit direct from the grower
  • Great taste is guaranteed
  • Excellent quality every time
  • Plenty of variety for everyone to enjoy
  • 100% confidence you are eating locally grown produce and supporting a local business
  • Delivered to you each week to keep fruit fresh and full of taste

Please call Wilma on 0450 882 163 to discuss your workplace requirements and obtain a quote.

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